Installing MITE (minecraft is too easy) mod on MacOS

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Thanks to a pointer from our neighbor (hi, Sten!), I decided to try to install MITE on my Mac.

It turns out the very good instructions in the MITE zipfile are very much Windows-specific. If you try to follow them as best you can on a mac, it’s probably not going to work.

Here are the Windows instructions: (interspersed with my MacOS translations)

Step 1 = Paste this folder into .minecraft versions folder if you have not already done so =

open Terminal and type

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft

Step 2 = Copy 1.6.4.jar to this folder =

cd 1.6.4-MITE
cp ../1.6.4/1.6.4.jar

Step 3 = Rename it to 1.6.4-MITE.jar =

skip this step

Step 4 = Open 1.6.4-MITE.jar using WinZip or 7Zip =

First, in terminal type “open .” to fire up the Finder in this folder
In Finder, double-click on “” – it will create a folder called “original”

Step 5 = Delete META_INF folder inside =

In Finder, open your “original” folder, and delete the META_INF folder in there

Step 6 = Copy contents of class Files folder into 1.6.4-MITE.jar =

This is the key place where Windows and the Mac differ. If you drag the contents of “class Files” to the “original” folder, it will clobber important files. Instead, open the “class Files” folder in Finder, select all of its contents (first click on a.class, then press Cmd-a to select all), then drag those files to the “original” folder. It will ask if you want to keep or replace. IMPORTANT: hold down the Option key, and the “Skip” button turns into “Keep Both”. Select that.

This procedure does the important interleaving, then create the new, modified jar file with these commands (you have to have the “JDK” installed):

cd ../original
jar cf ../1.6.4-MITE.jar .

Step 7 = Move MITE Resource Pack to the resourcepacks folder in .minecraft =

this is right, except drag it to “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks”

Step 8 = Run the Minecraft launcher and edit your profile to use 1.6.4-MITE version =

Step 9 = Play Minecraft and select the MITE Resource Pack =

Yay – it should work!

The error message I kept getting when I followed the windows instructions was:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/main/Main

It was that error that lead me down the path of the solution. I checked the contents of my improperly-created jar file with the command

jar tf 1.6.4-MITE.jar

and saw that indeed there was no “net/minecraft/client/main/Main” entry. From there, I saw that the directory path in the “original” directory was deleted with the drag-and drop operation, and remembered the “tar” command solution to interleaving-copies (and then, thanks to Google, found the way to do this in Finder).

I hope this helps someone else install (the excellent-but-very difficult) MITE mod to minecraft. Apologies for the built-in dependencies on knowledge of “Terminal”, and assuming you’ve installed the JDK. It’s very possible you could avoid those dependencies, but this was my way of fixing the problem.

π Day programming activity

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In our math club this afternoon, since it’s π day, I’m going to try to lead an activity where we write a program (on the Raspberry Pi, of course) that computes π. The idea I thought of (but we’ll see what the students think of as well) is to use the Monte Carlo method – guess random points (with uniform distribution) in a 2r x 2r square, and compute whether they’re “inCircle” or not (whether the distance from the center of the square <= r). Then use algebra to solve for the unknown quantity π in the formula

π r2 / 4r2 = inCircle / totalPoints

In my little Python program that does this, it pretty quickly gets to 3.14, but doesn’t get much further. Since these are 4th – 8th graders, I thought I should focus on techniques that have an intuition behind them, so Ramanujan’s fancy equations are out of the question. I’d be keen to hear other suggestions!

An entire music label goes “pay what you want”

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An entire music label goes “pay what you want”

Deep Elm’s entire catalog has gone to the “pay what you want” model. Already I have discovered (and paid for) music from three bands I’d never heard of before.

Keystone Kids’ “Things Get Shaky” is pleasant, well-done synth-pop, Lights and Motion’s “Unreleased” is really nice orchestral, post-rock, and their “Reanimation” sounds like the soundtrack to a movie I’d like to see, and Moonlit Sailor (also post-rock), is more intimate, also really good background music – especially liking their “We Come from Exploding Stars.”

I think it shows a lot of confidence to do this – believing that giving away your music is going to gain fans who are willing to pay. It’s already worked with me!

Lights & Motion’s “Unreleased”

Moonlit Sailor’s “We Come from Exploding Stars”


Domain Squatters Stink

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My previous post (3 years ago!) mentioned that discountdomainregistry was a bit wonky. Turns out they were circling the drain, and about 2 years ago were bought by  For some reason my “” domain didn’t come along with my other ones, and I had a difficult time convincing them I was the owner of the account, which interfered with my ability to renew the domain until…da da dum, a domain squatter (from Japan, of all places) registered my domain, and won’t let me have it back.  The folks in charge of the snafu apologized to me, but didn’t make it better.  I’m bummed out.

Something’s up with my DNS provider

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I use(d) discountdomainregistry as my DNS host for and I got a weird spam from someone claiming to be them asking me to change my password, and shortly after, saw their site was either defaced, hijacked, or otherwise wonky.  It’s now down, and so are the DNS records for my two sites.

Hmmm.  Wonder what I should do?  Wait another day or two and find another host and try to migrate them?  It’s a puzzling state of affairs! Searching the web, I don’t see tons of other folks with my problem – I see a few tweets about the issue, so I know it’s not a “personal problem.”

[edit] Seems to be working fine now, though maybe under new management.  Feels a little iffy, but functional.

Revisiting my data+voice connection options


I currently use Comcast for Internet, Broadvoice for VOIP phone service, and AT&T with Edge for my mobile data (1st generation iPhone).  I decided to preorder an iPad.  The thought of another $30/month in data fees to get the iPad online while I'm on the road has me reconsidering all of my data connection options. So, I decided to get the Wifi only iPad, and figure out a better way.

I've decided to take up Verizon, Sprint and Clear on their "try it and return it if you don't like it" offers. So, for the next month I've got the Verizon MiFi, and the Sprint 3G/4G Overdrive, and for the next week, the Clear 4G home service plus 4G USB modem.
My goals are to get decent internet access from all of my devices, even when I travel (Chicago, D.C., California, sailing in the San Juans, camping), break even, or reduce my monthly bills, and have access to decent international calling rates. I'm planning on using a non-data plan SIM card in my iPhone, and use WiFi to access the internet from my data modem.
So, I'll carry these three devices around and take measurements, and report them here, along with reporting on ease of use and total billing for the various options.  I'm a bit shocked how similar it all pencils out, regardless of whose service I go through — it smells a lot like collusion in the market, but that's another topic.

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