An entire music label goes “pay what you want”

Deep Elm’s entire catalog has gone to the “pay what you want” model. Already I have discovered (and paid for) music from three bands I’d never heard of before.

Keystone Kids’ “Things Get Shaky” is pleasant, well-done synth-pop, Lights and Motion’s “Unreleased” is really nice orchestral, post-rock, and their “Reanimation” sounds like the soundtrack to a movie I’d like to see, and Moonlit Sailor (also post-rock), is more intimate, also really good background music – especially liking their “We Come from Exploding Stars.”

I think it shows a lot of confidence to do this – believing that giving away your music is going to gain fans who are willing to pay. It’s already worked with me!

Lights & Motion’s “Unreleased”

Moonlit Sailor’s “We Come from Exploding Stars”