Revisiting my data+voice connection options


I currently use Comcast for Internet, Broadvoice for VOIP phone service, and AT&T with Edge for my mobile data (1st generation iPhone).  I decided to preorder an iPad.  The thought of another $30/month in data fees to get the iPad online while I'm on the road has me reconsidering all of my data connection options. So, I decided to get the Wifi only iPad, and figure out a better way.

I've decided to take up Verizon, Sprint and Clear on their "try it and return it if you don't like it" offers. So, for the next month I've got the Verizon MiFi, and the Sprint 3G/4G Overdrive, and for the next week, the Clear 4G home service plus 4G USB modem.
My goals are to get decent internet access from all of my devices, even when I travel (Chicago, D.C., California, sailing in the San Juans, camping), break even, or reduce my monthly bills, and have access to decent international calling rates. I'm planning on using a non-data plan SIM card in my iPhone, and use WiFi to access the internet from my data modem.
So, I'll carry these three devices around and take measurements, and report them here, along with reporting on ease of use and total billing for the various options.  I'm a bit shocked how similar it all pencils out, regardless of whose service I go through — it smells a lot like collusion in the market, but that's another topic.

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