When I travel by airplane, I prefer to start my trip on foot, rather than car. There’s an air of wonder about traveling when you step from your front porch, belongings in hand, headed for a destination thousands of miles away. When you do it by car, invariably encountering traffic, the whole affair feels like an inefficient commute. My trips usually involve walking just over a mile to the light-rail, taking the light rail about 10 miles to the airport, then getting on the plane. ¬†As I was sitting on the train today, it occurred to me that the first leg of my trip is at a velocity of about 3 miles per hour (if I’m taking it leisurely). Then, on the train, it’s about 40 miles per hour, and finally, on the airplane, it’s over 600 miles per hour. If I took a whole trip to the Coast on foot (as Louis and Clarke did), it would take months. Who needs jetpacks?

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