Simplify Media is a tool that lets you listen to your home iTunes library from work (my “killer app”) and it also lets you choose up to 30 people to share with as well.

You might think the RIAA will be all over these guys to shut it down, but they’ve done a couple clever things that I think will keep the RIAA at bay (even though I think it’s going the way of the dinosaur soon anyway):  first, the music is only streamed to your friends, they can’t copy the files via the tool.  Second, the 30-person-limit keeps you from sharing all of your music with everybody in the world (a-la Napster).
One concern I have is that it will saturate the uplink direction of my DSL connection if multiple people are listening to my library at once. Hopefully, someday, DSL bandwidth in the U.S. will start improving past 1.5MB/s, as it has done everywhere else in the world.
It makes me happy because this was the feature of TrueDisk* that I missed the most.  It’s also heartening because Simplify Media has a better interface than TrueDisk had, and it’s a free service — they’re having “issues” with their business model, just as we were at TrueDisk.
* TrueDisk was a startup I spent an exciting three years working on with a great group of people…

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