So Heidi’s reading the Harry Potter book our USPS guy dropped off today (man, that must have been some serious logistics…).

I’m surfing the web, and thanks to metafilter, found these amazing videos of the Talking Heads, doing a concert in Rome in 1980.
What an amazing band. In 1980 they had a following, but not nearly the recognition the deserved (and later got, once they took the hint and stopped writing songs that made sense)…but their confidence and energy on the stage in 1980 is phenomenal.  They knew they were that good, and it didn’t matter whether the world had caught on or not.
This is more or less a preview of the wonderful things to come in Johnathan Demme’s wonderful movie. More raw, some of the songs are better here…some not as polished. Adrian Belew is quite a character in many of the songs.  What an amazing show.

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